how to put a curtain scarf up

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Here how you can make this happen:Start by pulling the scarf up behind one of the edges of the curtain rod.Throw the scarf over the front of the curtain rod.Let the scarf droop down over the window center. If you want to add a more subtle twist,loop the curtain around the centerpoint of the window,making it droop …Then loop the curtain over the edge curtain rod once more,letting it hang down symmetrically on either side of the window. …

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  • How do you hang a scarf on top of curtains?

  • For an artistic look when using top curtains, find the center of your scarf and slip the scarf center behind the inner most tabs at the center of your window. This should catch behind one tab for each curtain with the scarf body hanging in front of the curtains. Cross the scarf ends to opposite sides and loop them behind the rod ends.

  • How to hang a scarf swag over a window?

  • Hang the Scarf Swag 1 Wash the fabric if it is new. Iron any wrinkles before you hang your scarf. 2 Lay the sheer panel out on a table or on the floor. … 3 Measure the width of your window and mark the center with a pencil or piece of tape. 4 Determine how much fabric you want to hang down the sides of your valance. … More items…

  • How do you fix a scarf that won’t stay up?

  • Drape the fabric over the pole and remove the safety pins. Remove the thumb tacks from the fabric and even out the ends. Pull down the center of the scarf a bit at the top of the window.

  • What size scarf should I use to hang a valance?

  • For a shorter drape, it’s best to use a scarf that’s a little over twice the length of the width of the window. For several drapes or a long drape the curtain should be three to four times the width of the window. If you have rod-pocket curtains attached to the rod, your valance should hang on the outer most portion of the rod, beyond the curtain.

    how to put a curtain scarf up

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