how to pick curtains for bedroom

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How to Choose the Best Curtains for Your BedroomChoosing the Best Fabric. When choosing bedroom curtains,start with material攃otton is the most common option. Cotton is light,breathable,and easy to care for, says Emery.Consider Color and Pattern. Think about what colors will complement your space, says Piercy. In most cases,cool-toned colors pair well with other cool-tones,and vice versa.Remember the Hardware. I like to choose a thicker curtain rod because it can hold the weight of any fabric and it gives off a more elevated look, says Piercy.Headers Are Important,Too. There are a number of headers on curtains that can add to the dimension of your window treatments. …

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  • How to choose curtains?

  • The final step in how to choose curtains is to decide on hardware, including your curtain rod. To balance out the look, choose a curtain rod that is 6 to12 inches wider than the window. This will provide some visual interest and will also give you room to move your curtains to the side when you want them open.

  • How to decorate a room with curtains?

  • For instance, choose cotton curtains to match a sofa with a cotton slipcover. Energize a room with lively pattern. Transform a plain room with patterned or printed curtains, which can add color and texture.

  • How to choose the right drapes for a small room?

  • Thick drapes will make a small room feel even smaller and create a stuffy, uncomfortable feeling. Go with breezy sheer materials or lightweight fabrics to create a more open feeling in small spaces. Avoid lining altogether, which serves to make the overall appearance of any curtains much heavier.

  • Do I need long or short curtains?

  • First, the shape of the window matters – long windows need long curtains while short windows might be able to have either long or short curtains, depending on your personal preference and the appearance.

    how to pick curtains for bedroom

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