how to pick curtain size

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When choosing curtain size,measuring the width of the window or of the curtain rodis easy; most people find it simplest to use an aluminum measuring tape for both shorter or longer distances. Once you have your window measurement,you will want to double it,and this is the width of the curtain or curtains that you are looking for.

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  • How do I choose the right curtain size?

  • It is simple to choose the right curtain size; it just requires a few quick measurements and a determination of how you want your new curtains to look. You will need to consider both length and width when you are choosing the curtains; first, measure the width of the window.

  • How much space should be between curtain rod and window?

  • They simply won provide enough coverage. Your ideal curtain size should always start at a bare minimum of 6 inches over the size of the window. This will give you a good 4 inches of leeway above the curtain to fit the rod, plus at least a couple of extra inches below the window.

  • How do I know what size rod pocket curtains to buy?

  • All sizes are stated WIDTH (left to right) by LENGTH (top to bottom) The width of rod pocket curtains is stated as the flat out width. You would never use the curtain flat out so keep in mind that a 60 wide panel will not look good if you try to cover a 60 window with it.

  • What is the length of a window curtain?

  • These usually cover only the bottom half or two-thirds of a window, so they leave a slit that is never covered or darkened. These usually come in lengths of 34 or 36 inches. These are very short curtains meant to cover only the top part of a window. They are often used in cottage-style dcor or to provide some coverage for doors or bay windows.

    how to pick curtain size

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