how to pick curtain size

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When choosing curtain size,measuring the width of the window or of the curtain rod is easy; most people find it simplest to use an aluminum measuring tapefor both shorter or longer distances. Once you have your window measurement, you will want to double it, and this is the width of the curtain or curtains that you are looking for.

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  • How do I choose the right curtain size?

  • It is simple to choose the right curtain size; it just requires a few quick measurements and a determination of how you want your new curtains to look. You will need to consider both length and width when you are choosing the curtains; first, measure the width of the window.

  • How to measure a curtain rod for curtains?

  • Please note that for a curtain rod for grommet curtains, you have to add about 2 inches (5 cm); for a round curtain rod with rings, you will have to subtract about 3 cm from the length of the panel. Measure the width of the window.

  • How long should curtains be for Windows?

  • Such window decoration can hardly be called curtains ?instead, it is a variant of small curtains covering the upper part of windows and, as a rule, kitchen or bay windows. They usually range in length from 10 to 12 inches (25-30 cm), but at the same time, they may well be shorter.

  • Should you hang curtains higher or lower than your Windows?

  • Hanging curtains higher and wider than your window prevents them from blocking light and air from your windows during the day. Instead, use woven or solar shades mounted inside the frame to add shade when you need it, says Curtis. This makes your windows feel bigger and your space feel brighter. But for curtains, it’s all about measuring properly.

    how to pick curtain size

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