how to open curtain rings

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How to Use Curtain RingsDetermine the number of curtain rings you have or want. A wider, heavier drapery style curtain requires more…Measure your curtain at even intervals, marking each spot with tailor’s chalk. The number of markings should…Attach specialty clips or hooks to the curtain rings. Hooks pierce the fabric…See More….

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  • How to hang curtains with ring clips?

  • Ring clips are highly popular in both traditional and modern homes. To hang your drapery, simply clip the rings to the top edge of the curtain panel so the rings can slide over the pole. You can hang any type of curtain panel from ring clips as all you need to do is clip the rings to the panel.

  • How do you put rings on curtains with tabs?

  • You can slide the rod through the tabs, and in some cases you skip using the tabs and opt for rings with clips. Back tabs are strips of fabric which are sewn onto the curtains, creating a row of hidden loops. Rings clip to the top edge of the curtains, and the rings slide onto the rod.

  • What is the best way to hang a curtain rod?

  • Ring Clips. One of the most popular methods for hanging drapery is ring clips which are clipped to the top edge of the drapery panel with rings sliding over the rod. You can use this method to hang any type of drapery panel, since you simply clip the ring to the panel.

  • How can I Make my curtains open and close easily?

  • Using curtain rings with hooks on rod pocket curtains is another way to allow for easier opening and closing of your curtains. These sharp metal curtain hooks are attached to curtain rings.

    how to open curtain rings

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