how to measure kitchen curtains

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First, measure thewidthof your kitchen. This will be the length of the curtains you are trying to measure, then, measure the height of the curtains. This will be the height of the table or desk where the curtains will be facing, finally, measure the width of the curtains.

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  • How do you measure for floor length curtains?

  • However, if you would like floor-length curtains, you must measure the distance from the window to the floor. Subtract one inch from this number and add the difference to the finished height. If you are mounting curtains inside the window frame, measure down to inch above the sill. Determine the final width.

  • How wide should curtains be for a window?

  • Curtains generally go about four inches beyond the window on either side, meaning you will need to add eight inches in total to the finished width. However, if you want your curtains to match the curtain rod’s length, measure that to get the finished width instead. Decide on the number of panels you’d prefer.

  • How do I know what length curtain rod I Need?

  • Determine Rod Length. Before you measure your window for width, it best to choose the length of your curtain rod. Curtain rods are typically extended 3 to 6 inches past a window frame. However, because rods can be installed either inside, below, or above trim mount, determining where you install your rod affects the length.

  • How do you measure a window valance?

  • Then, to measure length, measure downward from the inside top frame to where you want the valance to fall on the window. From there, multiply the width depending on your curtain type.

    how to measure kitchen curtains

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