how to measure kitchen curtains

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First,measure the width of your kitchen. This will be the length of the curtains you are trying to measure,then,measure the height of the curtains. This will be the height of the table or desk where the curtains will be facing,finally,measure the width of the curtains.

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  • How do you measure the length of a curtain?

  • The length of the curtain includes the rod pocket, but not the heading. Tier curtains typically cover the lower half of a window, ending at the sill. The curtain should measure 1 to double the width of the window for fullness. Cafe and tier curtains look great on clip rings.

  • How far should curtains be from the window?

  • Curtains generally go about four inches beyond the window on either side, meaning you will need to add eight inches in total to the finished width. However, if you want your curtains to match the curtain rod’s length, measure that to get the finished width instead.

  • How do I know what size curtain rod I Need?

  • This will give you a general sense of the length of the rod you need if you’re keeping it just above the curtains, which is the most common style. For example, say your window’s width was 30 inches (76 cm). Add 6 inches (15 cm) to get the rod size of 36 inches (91 cm).

  • How do you measure a window valance?

  • Then, to measure length, measure downward from the inside top frame to where you want the valance to fall on the window. From there, multiply the width depending on your curtain type.

    how to measure kitchen curtains

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