how to measure french door curtains

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Use themeasuring tapeto take important measurements to determine the size of the curtains you need. If you are hanging the French door curtains above the doors,measure the width of the French doors plus 2 inches on both sides for a total of 4 inches.

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  • How tall should curtain panels be for a French door?

  • For my standard height French door each finished panel is approximately 67?tall. If you檙e sewing your panels to be fixed to rods at the top and bottom of the window add a total of 4?to the length. Step 2: Pin folded fabric or pre-made curtain panels together.

  • How do you secure curtains around a French door?

  • The sheer fabric allows the sun to stream through and lets you see out. Rather than allow the curtain panels to swing freely, use sash rods to secure them at the top and bottom of the door. Measure the height and width of the French door windows.

  • How do you measure for curtain panels?

  • For a fuller and softer gathered style curtain panel, first, measure the width and height of your window. Like the flat panel above, you need to include additional fabric for seam allowances and the rod pockets on the top and bottom of your panel. Add 3 inches total to the height (1.5 inches each for the top and bottom).

  • How to choose curtains and curtain rods for French doors?

  • If hanging the curtains to cover the panes of the doors, measure the width of the pane of the glass and add 1 inch to each side for a total of 2 inches. With measurements in hand you can now purchase the right curtains and curtain rods for the French doors. If your curtains will be hanging down from the wall, you will only need one curtain rod.

    how to measure french door curtains

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