how to measure for blackout curtains

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Here are how to measure for blackout curtains:Get a measuring tapeMeasure the top of your window,between the window and the ceiling. You can measure between 4 to 5 inches. Measure the wideness of your window space,give some extra space of at least 2 to 3 inches to allow the curtain to cover the window very well.

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  • How high should blackout curtains extend from the window?

  • You should ideally extend at least 4 inches up onto the window frame to keep out the light with the blackout curtains. Measure from where you檒l be positioning the rod for the blackout curtains to the very bottom of the window frame.

  • How do you measure for blackout curtain liners?

  • Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the distance from the wall to the point where your frame extends the farthest. Buy blackout liners if you like the way your existing curtains look. If you already have curtains and just want to make them darker, you can purchase blackout liners instead of full curtains.

  • Do Blackout curtains keep light out?

  • Blackout curtains can effectively keep light out of a room, making sleeping better and also helping to lower utility bills. Follow the simple tips below to ensure that you measure for each part of your blackout curtains correctly. Make sure the rod for the blackout curtains is above the top of the window to block as much light as possible.

  • How to measure for curtains?

  • How to Measure for Curtains. 1 Determine Mounting Technique. When you begin curtain measurements, it important to decide whether you want to mount them outside or inside of the … 2 Determine Rod Length. 3 Choose Your Curtain Length. 4 Measure for Width. 5 Measure for Length.

    how to measure for blackout curtains

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