how to.measure curtains

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To measure the width of your curtains,measure from the edge of one window pane to another. Next,calculate the width for your curtains by doubling the width for pencil pleated windows or multiplying by 1.5 for tab top windows.

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  • How do I measure for curtain length?

  • Measure the length of the window or area you want to cover from top to bottom. Overall curtain length, anywhere from the sill to the apron or to the floor is a personal preference and need not be exact.

  • How do you measure knifes for Pleat curtains?

  • Knife, Pinch, Box Pleat curtains. Measure width from one end of rod to the opposite end, not including finials. Measure from under the large ring down to your desired finished length. measure from top of Rod down to your desired length and add 3 cms.

  • How do you measure a window recess for curtains?

  • First we need to measure the inside width of the window recess. (Measure A) Next, decide how far your curtains will over-hang the wall, each side of the window. This would normally be around 20cm (8 inches) each side and enables the curtains to open wider, allowing more daylight to enter the room.

  • How do you measure a window valance?

  • Then, to measure length, measure downward from the inside top frame to where you want the valance to fall on the window. From there, multiply the width depending on your curtain type.

    how to.measure curtains

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