how to measure and order curtains

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Pencil pleat on pole- Take your measurement from the bottom eye of the curtain ring to where your curtains will sit. Eyelet/ring top//tab top ?measure from the top of the pole to where you want your curtains to end. Track – measure from the very top of the track to where you want your curtains to end.

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  • How to measure for curtains?

  • How to Measure for Curtains. 1 Determine Mounting Technique. When you begin curtain measurements, it important to decide whether you want to mount them outside or inside of the … 2 Determine Rod Length. 3 Choose Your Curtain Length. 4 Measure for Width. 5 Measure for Length.

  • How far should curtains be from the window?

  • Curtains generally go about four inches beyond the window on either side, meaning you will need to add eight inches in total to the finished width. However, if you want your curtains to match the curtain rod’s length, measure that to get the finished width instead.

  • How do I know what length curtain rod I Need?

  • Determine Rod Length. Before you measure your window for width, it best to choose the length of your curtain rod. Curtain rods are typically extended 3 to 6 inches past a window frame. However, because rods can be installed either inside, below, or above trim mount, determining where you install your rod affects the length.

  • How do I choose the right curtains for my home?

  • Suede curtains are similar, but a bit more casual in style. Before you buy, decide how you plan to hang your curtains. The size of your windows and look you wish to achieve will greatly influence panel width and length, but a general rule of thumb is that your curtains should be at least 1.5 times the width of the window to ensure proper coverage.

    how to measure and order curtains

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