how to make string curtains at home

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DIY String CurtainsMeasure the width of the window,opening or doorway where you want to install the string curtain. …Cut a 2-inch-wide strip of latch rug canvas to your desired curtain width. Fold the canvas in half along its length to make it extra sturdy.Select the string or cord you want to use. …Cut a string to twice the length desired.More items…

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  • How do you make a curtain out of a canvas?

  • Fold the edge near the strings under by 1/2 inch on both the front and the back, and sew a seam 1/4-inch from the string’s edge. The fabric should cover all of the canvas on both sides. Tuck each end of the fabric under 1/2 inch and hem your sides. Hang your curtain with loops and clips before adjusting your length.

  • Can You Make your own string curtains?

  • This style of curtains is popular with contemporary interior design professionals as the curtains are textural, functional and subtle. You can easily make a string curtain in any color of cording or string that you like. Measure the width of the window, opening or doorway where you want to install the string curtain.

  • How do you sew a drawstring to a curtain?

  • The drawstring has to be double the width of the curtain panel, so that it hangs down to the middle of the curtain when the curtain is not gathered. Sew down the side seams of the curtain. At the top of the curtain, measure 5 inches from the top. Fold the material at the 5-inch point and pin it in place. Sew your first top seam.

  • How do you make a 4 edge curtain?

  • Make 1 panel at a time. Now that you have the shape of the curtain, putting it together is fairly simple. You will be finishing all 4 edges, let focus on them one at a time. Let start with the two side edges. Fold the side edges under 1/2?and press with an iron. Fold side edges under 1/2?again, and pin them in place.

    how to make string curtains at home

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