how to make shower curtains step by step

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Stitch the full length of the curtain from hem to top,with a flat stitch and a half inch seam allowance. Carefully press the seams open then turn the curtain to the right side out. Shake and smooth out the curtain so that the lining (now narrower than the curtain) sits centrally behind the main curtain.

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  • How to make a custom shower curtain?

  • How to make a custom shower curtain? Open up a Printify account if you haven already. Then, hop in the mock-up generator and apply your design. Once you檙e done that, and you檙e happy, go ahead and get a sample order to make sure it what you want.

  • Can a shower curtain be longer than a standard curtain?

  • Erica from Honestly WTF uses a shower curtain to draw attention to this small bathroom’s high ceilings, which gives the illusion of a larger space. To do this, she opted to make a DIY shower curtain that is 10 inches longer than a standard curtain. This clever tutorial will show you how to add that length using macrame trim.

  • How do you make curtains without sewing them together?

  • The easiest way to make no-sew curtains is to use twin-sized bed sheets with a wide top hem so you can easily slide a curtain rod through it. Start by washing, drying, and ironing the sheets to get rid of any wrinkles and fold lines.

  • How do you sew a curtain with iron ons?

  • Sewing Fold the top down four inches and iron flat. Then fold the fabric over another 4 inches and iron flat again. If you’re using a lightweight fabric you may want to apply a strip of interfacing to the top edge to stabilize it and support the weight of the curtain.

    how to make shower curtains step by step

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