how to make roll up window curtains

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  • How do you make a roll up curtain step by step?

  • Measure and cut a piece of curtain fabric using the width and length measurements for the roll-up curtain. Repeat with the lining fabric for the lining of the roll-up curtain. Cut four pieces of fabric four inches wide by the length of the roll-up curtain measurement.

  • How do you make a roll-up blind?

  • Make a roll-up blind 1 Cut two lengths of cord. One should be three times, and the other three-and-a-half times, the length of the blind. 2 Tie one end of each piece of cord to a screw eye at the top of the blind ?the longer piece should be tied to the… More …

  • How do you use curtain clips on a patio?

  • They’re helpful for creating some shade, shielding you from cooler breezes, and they look romantic, too. You could even adapt this project to make curtains on a front porch or covered patio . Curtain clips make it easy to hang simple window treatments, but sometimes the result looks a little messy.

  • What can you do with curtains?

  • Mollie also designs and sells stitching projects, co-hosts a crafting podcast, and has taught online embroidery courses. Curtains and other window treatments are a great way to refresh or finish off a room, and often they’re easy to sew yourself. They function as a way to control the light or create privacy, but they also show off your style.

    how to make roll up window curtains

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