how to make rod pocket curtains into pinch pleat

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Insert a drapery pin in the seam on the back of the pleat and hang the curtain on the chosen rod to complete the pocketto pleated project.

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  • How do you make pleated curtains with Rod pockets?

  • To create this with rod pocket curtains, you would need pleating tape and lots of pinhooks. Traditional French pleats feature three pleats grouped tightly together with a fair bit of flat curtain between each grouping.

  • How to hang rod pocket curtains with a Pin Hook?

  • How to Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With a Pin Hook 1 Pleating Tape. Pleating tape, sometimes called header tape, along the top edge makes short work of transforming rod-pocket panels. 2 Pinhooks. Pinhooks come in several types. … 3 Pleats. … 4 Tips and Hints. …

  • How to install pleater hooks on curtains?

  • Now you want to make sure your pleater tape is lined up correctly against the back of your curtain. Line it up about 1/4 inch from the top and also so that the pockets closest to each end are about half an inch from the edge. Cut off any extra tape. Make sure the little holes that the pleater hooks will go into are on the bottom of the tape.

  • How to make Pleat curtains with pleater tape?

  • DIY: Easy Pinch Pleat Curtains 1 MEASURE CURTAIN LENGTH AND CUT OFF GROMMETS Look for curtains that are a bit longer than you actually need. … 2 FOLD OVER AND IRON A 4 INCH HEM This is where you will place your pleater tape. 3 PIN THE PLEATER TAPE IN PLACE Lay your panel out flat and place and pin your pleater tape in place. … More items…

    how to make rod pocket curtains into pinch pleat

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