how to make ripplefold curtains

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You can make ripplefold curtains fromflat panels of fabric,creating the ripples by means of snaps on the header of the curtain panels that allow the fabric to be pleated to a given fullness. Once you attach the snaps to the carriers on the track,you can slide the curtains open and shut.

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  • What is the fullness of a ripplefold curtain?

  • Ripplefold curtains are constructed with fullness built-in. Curtain fullness refers to how many ripples or folds are present when the curtain is closed. 120% fullness: fabric width 鈮?2. 3 x the coverage width 100% fullness: fabric width 鈮?2. 1 x the coverage width (most popular) 80% fullness: fabric width 鈮?1. 8 x the coverage width.

  • How do you make ripples in curtains?

  • The ripples are made by snaps on flat panels of fabric on the header of the curtain which gives the ripple effect to give the fullness you desire. Once you attach to the tracks, they will easily slide open and closed. You can choose from a simple casual look to a beautiful sleek look to make your home look fabulous!

  • What is ripplefold drapery?

  • Ripplefold drapery, a simple and elegant style, is highly sought after by interior designers and architects. They glide easily along the custom tracks. Ripple fold panels are always custom made to seamlessly cover the desired width. They are usually constructed with 1.7 – 2.2 times the fabric of the coverage width.

  • How do I purchase track for my ripplefold curtains?

  • You can purchase tracks along with the curtains directly on our custom Ripplefold page, select Yes under Include Track Accessories. We offer the minimal, commercial-grade, powder-coated white aluminum track. For any questions, contact us at [email protected]

    how to make ripplefold curtains

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