how to make extra wide curtains

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  • How do you make curtains for a small room?

  • To make curtains, measure the height and width of your window so you know how much fabric you檒l need. Then, buy fabric with a little extra width so you’ll have folds in your curtains when they hang. Next, cut your curtains to size and pin 1 inch seams on the back of each side.

  • How to make curtains without sewing?

  • Making Easy No-Sew Curtains 1. Measure the window, adding width for folds in the fabric. Start measuring at the top of the window or slightly above… 2. Choose a fabric that gives you the right amount of coverage. Curtains can be made from almost any fabric, so pick one… 3. Cut each panel with an …

  • Can you make one pair of extra wide curtains just by stitching?

  • But it good to know that there is a possibility of making one pair of extra wide curtains just by stitching the four parts together. Honestly though, we really don notice the fact that they are two pairs of curtains – they end up looking like one pair of extra-wide curtains whether drawn or drawn back as there enough fabric.

  • How to choose curtain for a room with wide windows?

  • When you enter a room with wide windows your eye is naturally drawn to them, so it a great idea to choose a curtain design that will add an extra wow factor. Wide windows can happily accommodate bold colours and vibrant prints without being overwhelmed, so you can afford to be adventurous with your design ideas.

    how to make extra wide curtains

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