how to make extra long curtains

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DIY Extra Long Horizontal Stripe CurtainsI measured,trimmed,and hemmed the curtains from 118?to 111?to fit Ethan windows,leaving them just skimming the floor. …We ironed the curtains to make them nice and flat. This took a loooooong time with the extra long curtains.Go to work on the stripes. Make it easier by keeping the fabric folded and using a rotary cutter to slice straight lines through the layers of fabric. …The next step was pretty tedious. We decided to use seam tape to secure AND hem the stripes at the same time. …We stitched across the top and bottom of each stripe with grey thread to fully secure them to the curtain. …

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  • How to make long curtains look longer?

  • The position of the tiebacks can give long curtains a little lift. By mounting one to the wall behind each panel, instead of beside them, you can pull up the drapery fabric all around it. Blouse it neatly, shortening the curtain length and creating an elegant look.

  • How do you make an extra-long curtain rod?

  • Fortunately, there is a fast and frugal way to construct your own extra-long curtain rod. With metal conduit, a hacksaw and some connectors, you’ll be hanging up those designer curtains on your custom curtain rod in no time. Measure the entire length of the window — including the window frames — for curtains that will overlap the frame.

  • How to make curtains at home?

  • Choose the fabric you will be using to create your curtains. The curtains can be made with nearly any fabric you prefer. For a light, airy feel, choose a light fabric such as linen or silk. For a fuller curtain that blocks out more light, opt for heavier fabrics like velveteen or canvas.

  • How much space do you need for extra long curtains?

  • For extra long curtains that sit on the floor, add an additional two inches for a total of 8 feet and 8 inches. Measure the width of the space around the window you want to cover.

    how to make extra long curtains

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