how to make easy curtain valances

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With RIGHT sides together,line up the top and bottom of the curtain and lining fabrics (they should be the exact same height). Next,line up the two left edges of fabric and pin together; repeat on the right side. (Unless you are makinga valance that is as long as it is wide,you should be pinning the shorter sides together).

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  • How do you make a window valance without sewing?

  • How to Make a No-Sew Window Valance. 1 Measure Window. Measure width of the window frame, adding two inches to each side. Buy a 2×4 for this length. 2 Add Hook Loop Tape. 3 Place 2×4. 4 Prep Fabric. 5 Hang Finished Valance.

  • How do you fold a curtain for a valance?

  • Fold the edge inward again by 1 inch (2.5 cm) and iron the fold. Next, fold the fabric over again in the same way, but make a 1 inch (2.5 cm) fold this time. Iron this next fold in the same way as the first one. This will complete the folds on one side of your valance fabric.

  • Why DIY valances?

  • Another reason to love these** DIY valances** is that they are easy to make but if done right, will look amazingly professional. Let’s check them out! Isn’t this pretty?

  • How do you make a scarf Valance for a window?

  • A length of hemmed fabric two to three times the width of your window lets you shape both an intriguing valance and tails that hang down at the sides of your window, providing a full or partial frame for your curtains. Premade drapery ties, ribbon, tasseled cord or iron-on hook -and-loop tape can help keep a scarf valance in place.

    how to make easy curtain valances

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