how to make curtains with hooks

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Attach the hooks to the top pockets of the shirring/pleating tape. First attach the hooks at the either end of the tape,and then spread the rest evenly,about 4 inches /10cm apart. That it your DIY curtains are ready!

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  • How to hang curtains with hooks?

  • Use a marker to space the hooks evenly. At last, fold the curtain in each half on each side and mark them. Repeat the manoeuvre and mark them for inserting the hooks. Insert the hook back along the seam line of each marked point. Then place the bottom of the ring right at the top of the heading. The pin hook should be located at the marked point.

  • How do you attach a pinhook to a shower curtain?

  • Slip the hook part of the pinhook through the small metal ring and slide the shower curtain rings over your curtain rod. Long-neck pinhooks have a hook set about 1/2 inch below the top of your curtain, while short-neck pinhooks have the hook set 1 inch to 2 inches below the top edge of the curtain to hide the traverse rod.

  • How to hang curtains with eyelet rings?

  • You can also use the ring to make a little pleat. If your curtain is a little bit too long fold the top over the amount of excess and the ring clip can take it up after attaching. Finally, pinch the inside part of the curtain and hang the curtains by clipping the rings on it. How to Hang Curtains With Eyelet Rings

  • How to make pinch Pleat curtains with hooks?

  • To insert the hook behind the heading you should ensure that the hooks are of the identical shape and size. If any pin is too wide then press them to make a bit tighter. This way these hooks will not come off the ring or curtain rail. We need a hook for making each pinch pleat.

    how to make curtains with hooks

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