how to make curtains stay in place

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Apply continuous steam to the lining. Leave the drapes hanging in place for at least three days. Without removing the ribbon, reverse the drapes, so the right side faces into the room, and steam the front. Let them cool and stay in place for at least two more days.

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  • How do you keep a curtain rod from moving?

  • Stick the other side of the dot to the inside of the rod pocket of the back side of the drape or the inside of the curtain ring. Put the dots together to prevent the drape from moving.

  • How do Curtains hang straight?

  • In order for curtains to hang straight, there has to be some heft to them. The weight of the curtains will work with gravity to pull your curtains to your floor and keep them from billowing out. And looking ? well ?kind of cheap!

  • How to keep curtains from static?

  • When possible, use natural-fiber fabrics for both the curtain and lining, as this reduces the possibility of static substantially. After arranging the folds, train them to stay in place. Seamstresses and drapery professionals keep folds aligned by using steam. If you do not have a steamer, an iron that steams in the vertical position can work.

  • How do you fold drapes into a curtain rod?

  • Do this by sewing between the layers, taking a stitch on the wrong side of the curtain, then a stitch on the wrong side of the lining and continuing across the drapes. Hang the drapes inside out on the rod with the lining visible spread out across the window; arrange the drapes into folds.

    how to make curtains stay in place

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