how to make curtains shorter without cutting

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The easiest way to shorten curtains without hemming is tomove the curtain rod. Optimum rod placement is one-third of the distance between the ceiling and the top of the window frame,but mounting the curtains higher will increase the perceived size of the window,and also create the illusion that the walls are taller.

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  • How do you shorten curtains without cutting them?

  • When curtains appear too long, try sewing a hem, which can allow you to shorten curtains without cutting curtains to length so you can retain the fabric if you want to. Another way of shortening curtains is to incorporate a folded design with buttons as fasteners. Folding the curtain hem up creates a double hem.

  • Should you Hem curtains to make them shorter?

  • Long curtains can look messy as they pool on the floor, and they may not slide open and close smoothly. Shortening your window curtains without cutting them down and adding a permanent hem allows you to reuse them on a larger window later, since you only need to let out the temporary hem.

  • How to make long curtains look longer?

  • The position of the tiebacks can give long curtains a little lift. By mounting one to the wall behind each panel, instead of beside them, you can pull up the drapery fabric all around it. Blouse it neatly, shortening the curtain length and creating an elegant look.

  • Can you shorten pencil-peat curtains?

  • When you need to shorten curtains, it sometimes appears to be more complicated than it actually is. This is especially true when it comes to pencil-pleat curtains that are lined. In fact, with pencil-pleat curtains, whether you need to shorten lined curtains or unlined curtains, it makes no difference.

    how to make curtains shorter without cutting

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