how to make curtains hang properly

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How To Hang Curtains ProperlyCorrect Measurements. Getting the correct measurements is essential when choosing and hanging your beautiful new curtains.Hanging Height. Generally the correct hanging height in a normal home with ceilings of around 2.4m (ish),the top of the pole should be half way between the ceiling and …Curtain Coordination. …Pressing And Steaming Curtains. …

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  • How to get curtains to hang straight?

  • The first step in how to get curtains to hang straight is to steam the panels once they檙e hung on your rods. This is so much easier than ironing them by hand and the steamer really gives you a smooth finish that an iron can quite produce. The next step is to climb up on your ladder and arrange the folds at the top of the panel.

  • How do you make curtains longer with a sewing machine?

  • Cut your fabric slightly longer than your desired length, then pin your fabric up with needles. Use a sewing machine to hem the curtain in a straight, even line. Make your hem 1 inch (2.5 cm) longer than you expect you’ll need to avoid shortening your curtains too much.

  • How do you attach curtains to a curtain rod?

  • Adding Your Curtains Remove your rod to hang the curtains. Once you’re certain that your brackets can hold your rod, remove it to attach your curtains. Add the curtains onto the rod. Some curtains are attached to the rod by curtain rings while others are threaded directly through the rod. Put the rod back into place.

  • How do you bind curtains to keep them in place?

  • Open the curtains before the fabric cools. Fold the panels with vertical pleats. Wrap each vertical stack with wide strips of fabric or other soft bindings to keep the folds in place without adding unwanted creases. If you have full-length draperies, bind them in at least three to four places along each column to help set the straight folds.

    how to make curtains hang properly

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