how to make curtains from bed sheets

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If you don’t want to ruin your sheet,a simple way to make a quickie curtain is to use aspring rod or curtain rod,then fold your sheet over the curtain rod,so the back is longer the front (which is shorter) hangs over towards you. Let the back of the sheet hang down to the floor (or however long you want it).

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  • How do you make DIY curtains from sheets?

  • Start creating the DIY curtains from sheets by turning the bottom edge of the sheet over 3 inches toward the wrong side and pressing the fold. Insert 1/2-inch-wide fusible webbing between the edge of the hem and the wrong side of the sheet. Fuse the webbing in place, following the manufacturer instructions. Allow the fusing to cool.

  • What size sheets do I need to make curtains?

  • 5. Use twin or full size sheets as curtains (again white sheets could be painted or stenciled to your choice of design) Standard twin flat sheets are 66 inches wide x 96 inches long. Standard full flat sheets are 81 inches wide x 96 inches long .

  • Can you turn bed sheets into curtains?

  • This is a fantastic idea to turn a sheet set into curtains for a straightforward project. Follow the article to see the full details. What a terrific way to DIY back-tab curtains with bed sheets as a simple project idea. Check out the tutorial to learn how it done.

  • Can you make curtains from Fitted sheets and pillowcases?

  • This is an awesome DIY curtain from twin fitted sheet 2 pillowcases as an easy project idea. Follow the link to learn how it done. This is an amazing idea for striped grommet curtains made from designer fabric and sheets.

    how to make curtains from bed sheets

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