how to make curtains for truck camper

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There are a few schools of thought when making curtains for your truck camper setup. The fastest way is tothrow up some shower curtain tension rods and just throw on some short cafe curtains. The problem is you have 4 windows to cover so you檒l end up with a Lincoln Log style mess of overlapping rods.

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  • How to make DIY camper curtains?

  • 1 To make DIY camper curtains you will need to pop into your campervan and measure the length and width of the to be curtains. 2 Make the screw holes in the campervan to connect your curtain cord. The number of this will depend on where you are placing the wire. 3 Measure your curtain cord and set it in place. … More items…

  • How do you make curtains for a van window?

  • Making your curtains. Cut a piece of felt to the approximate size of your van window. Hold the felt to the window and with the chalk, outline the shape of the window. The chalk easily rubs off. Cut the felt to fit the window. Add the Velcro hook loop dots to the window in 2-3 inch intervals around the entire window. Affix…

  • How to install Velcro curtains on a camper van?

  • Velcro Curtains for Your Camper Van. 1 Step 1: Buy the Materials. You will need: A van. at least 5m of velro with stick hooks and sew loops. (~$50 in australia!) A sewing machine (ours was … 2 Step 2: Mark It Out. 3 Step 3: Make the Hem. 4 Step 4: Attach the Sew Loop Strips. 5 Step 5: Mount the Curtains. More items

  • Do curtains go up or down on Camper windows?

  • Many camper windows do. If this is the case, curtains mounted only at the top as traditionally done will hang straight down into your living space. This will make your space look and feel smaller while letting extra light in, and they檒l get in the way.

    how to make curtains for truck camper

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