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How To Make CurtainsMeasuring fabric. For the main fabric ?add 8?to the finished length required (6?for the hem and 2?to turn under the heading tape at the …Cutting the fabric. Cut the number of lengths of main fabric required to the calculated length (= finished length +8?hem allowance +pattern repeat).Joining the fabric widths. Next,pin the fabric widths together along the selvages,with right sides together,matching the pattern as you go.Reduce the lining width. On the outer edge of each curtain lining cut off a 5?strip down the full length of the fabric.Hems. On the lining fabric turn up,press and pin a 2?2?hem and flat stitch near to the edge of the top fold.

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  • How do you make curtains step by step?

  • 1 Decide what type of curtains would you like to make. … 2 Work out what size curtains you need. Obviously there would be no point in trying to make curtains that don fit the window they are intended for. … 3 Calculate how much curtain fabric is required. … 4 Cutting your fabric to the correct length.

  • How to make curtains without sewing?

  • Making Easy No-Sew Curtains 1. Measure the window, adding width for folds in the fabric. Start measuring at the top of the window or slightly above… 2. Choose a fabric that gives you the right amount of coverage. Curtains can be made from almost any fabric, so pick one… 3. Cut each panel with an …

  • What are the different types of curtain-making techniques?

  • By making your curtains, you can pick the exact style, length, and fabric that you want for all of your decorating needs. Two of the easiest curtain-making techniques are no-sew curtains, which use ring clips, and rod pocket curtains, which slide directly onto the rod.

  • How much fabric do I need to make curtains?

  • With sheets, you are going to want to use lining fabric, which is very inexpensive (or just use an old sheet like I do!) You can estimate about 3 yards per curtain. And the rule of thumb is that you want your curtains to be 1.5x the width of the window.

    how to make curtains

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