how to make curtain holes

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How to Make Holes in Your Drapes for Curtain RingsSew Up Curtain Tape. While sewing your curtains,stitch curtain tape in between the outer drape and the lining drape at the top part of your curtains.Proceed to Sew The Curtains and Making the Border. Afterward,proceed to sew the curtains and use the sewing machine to sew the border all around. …Calculate the Number of Holes and Mark Them. …More items…

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  • How to make holes in curtains for curtain rings?

  • Follow the easy steps below to make holes in your drapes for the curtain rings. While sewing your curtains, stitch curtain tape in between the outer drape and the lining drape at the top part of your curtains. The curtain tape will eventually be used to accommodate the eyelets and keep the material stiffer.

  • How to draw circles on curtains?

  • It is best to draw circles by placing an eyelet on each spot. To ensure that the holes are evenly spaced, measure the width of the curtain and calculate how many rings you should fix so as to have the curtains hanging nicely. You need to make sure to make just the right amount of holes.

  • How to hang curtains without drilling?

  • With these ideas for hanging curtains without drilling, your new window treatments can block light and add style and personality to your space, all while saving your walls (and your security deposit). Sticky Command Hooks work well as coat hangers and for hanging pictures, but the brand also makes hooks specifically for curtains.

  • How do you cut a hole in a shower curtain?

  • Cut a hole in the curtain with the long point of a seam-ripper tool. Work the blade around the fabric in a circle, using the holes you drew in pencil as guides. You can also use a sharp-bladed craft knife to make holes in the fabric. Hang the curtain back up in the shower when you’re done making holes.

    how to make curtain holes

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