how to make cheap blackout curtains

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  • How do you make a blackout curtain with curtains?

  • Gather your material and lay it flat on the floor, right side facing down. Place the blackout lining inside the fabric, with the right side facing up. Fold the hems over the blackout lining, and pin in place around all of the corners and edges. Next, sew all the edges together to connect the lining to the curtain.

  • Can I sew blackout curtains to a pillowcase?

  • Since that blackout fabric is fairly thick, I wouldn sew it like a pillowcase if I were you. I would cut it a little smaller than the curtain, iron the edges of the curtain over twice on those three sides, and 榮lide?the blackout fabric in.

  • How long does it take to iron blackout curtains?

  • Our curtains were a medium-weight velvet and required up to 60 seconds to bond adhesive to the fabric, working in 10 second intervals. Usually, a damp cloth is layered between the fabric and your iron to prevent burning, but because the blackout fabric is so thick, it’s best to apply heat directly to the fabric.

  • Are blackout curtains a good idea for a kids room?

  • For parents, blackout curtains in a kids room can mean a priceless extra hour of sleep for their little ones. They also come in handy if you’re a night owl and aren’t quite ready to greet the day as the sun comes up. Curtains or fabric (Pictured: Opalhouse Velvet Curtain Panel with Tassels, in Blush Pink, 84, $30,

    how to make cheap blackout curtains

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