how to make car window curtains

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  • How do you make curtains for a van window?

  • Making your curtains. Cut a piece of felt to the approximate size of your van window. Hold the felt to the window and with the chalk, outline the shape of the window. The chalk easily rubs off. Cut the felt to fit the window. Add the Velcro hook loop dots to the window in 2-3 inch intervals around the entire window. Affix…

  • How do you mount your curtains on your truck?

  • Our truck camper curtains are mounted (primarily) across the top of the window frame using velcro. Bundling straps are behind the velcro, held in place against the window frame.

  • How do I choose a curtain or window cover for my car?

  • A few things to consider when deciding what curtain or window cover is best for your car, van, or truck: Sewing machine availability Function (blackout / climate control / ease of opening and closing)

  • How do you make a car window out of cardboard?

  • Measure a window, length x height with tape measure. Cut a cardboard piece with an additional inch or two added to those dimensions (cutting away extra material is a million times easier than taping it back on). 2. Take your cardboard piece, those heavy duty scissors, and the permanent marker into your vehicle.

    how to make car window curtains

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