how to make cafe curtains easy

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  • Are Cafe curtains easy to make?

  • These guys are SO easy to make – they would make a great beginning sewing project if you’re just starting out. All that’s required to sew these easy DIY cafe curtains is a bit of measuring, some pressing, and some machine hemming. Simple! I chose to make these curtains extra easy by using curtain clips to attach them to my cafe rod.

  • How do you measure and cut Cafe curtains?

  • With cafe curtains, you want them to be bunchy looking all the way across ?not stretched. Here what I did to measure and cut my fabric. I hung up a tension rod across my window and pinned my fabric over it. I used my window as a guide to cut the length. I cut them slightly lower than the window to account for seams.

  • How do you hang curtains in a cafe?

  • My cafe curtain rod was screwed to the window molding at the halfway point. Measure your windows and decide how far you want your curtains to hang. Mine hang about 2?below the window trim, with still enough spacing to clear the countertop.

  • How to make eco-friendly curtains?

  • These are made with lightweight quilting fabric, but curtains made with repurposed vintage dishtowels or napkins are an eco-friendly and even simpler alternative. Materials: Fabric (yardage depends on your window measurements); tape measure; tailor’s chalk; scissors; pins; iron; thread; sewing machine; tension rod; cafe hooks or clip-on rings. 1.

    how to make cafe curtains easy

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