how to make beaded curtains

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To make beaded curtains for doorways,you will first need to measure the inside width and length of the doorway to determine how big your curtain design needs to be.Cut a dowel rod to this width plus four inches. Measure in from each side two inches and mark this with a pencil.

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  • How do you use beads to make a curtain?

  • Your beads don’t all have to be the same size. Play around with different patterns. For example, you could use mostly small beads on your curtain, and use a large, chunky bead every couple of inches/centimeters. Add a 2-hole bead at the end. This time, put one strand of fishing line through each hole.

  • How to make beaded curtains with fishing line?

  • To make beaded curtains, measure and cut fishing line so that it long enough to fold in half. Once cut, tie the line to a split ring. Then, start stringing your beads so each one goes through both strands of the finish lines. When you get to the last bead on the line, either use a 2-hole bead or a larger bead so that you can tie the ends off.

  • What are beaded door curtains?

  • Beaded door curtains are perfect for keeping out the flies in the summer, adding a new texture and design element to a room, or offering a feeling of privacy without having to install a door. Whether you want simple or elaborate beaded curtains, use this guide to make your own for any door in your house.

  • What are the best beads for sheer curtains?

  • If you want to have the beaded curtain version of sheer or semi-sheer curtains, go for glass beads or reflective crystals. These are great for having the sunlight turn your windows into a giant prism. Very large beads offer better coverage, without requiring as much work to create.

    how to make beaded curtains

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