how to make automatic curtain opener

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  • How to use Arduino curtain automation?

  • The design for this Arduino Curtain Automation system is quite simple and there are two ways to activate the curtains: Using a sound sensor (mic) to control it using my claps (Step 2). Using buttons to move the shades of the curtain (Step 3).

  • How to automate curtain blinds with stepper motor?

  • The stepper motor is attached to the control stick of the curtain blinds and thus on rotation, opens/closes the blinds. The first step I did was testing the design for the Arduino curtain automation system.

  • How do you open the curtains on the motor?

  • In the drawing, with the binder clips in the middle, this is the curtains closed. When you spin the motor one direction, the binder clips will go away from each other, opening the curtains.

  • Do curtains open and close automatically?

  • Aim was that the curtains will open and close automatically, when it gets light or dark, and a manual override of course. I considered a timer too with a RTC, but so far this works fine now, without a RTC.

    how to make automatic curtain opener

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