how to make a simple curtain panel

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How to Make a Curtain PanelDecide how long and how wide you want your curtains to be. The curtains should be a few inches than your window.Add extra inches for hemming. Add 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) to the width measurement, and 8 inches (20.32 centimeters) to the length measurement.Wash, dry, iron, and cut your fabric. …Fold the side hems down twice to make the hems. …See More….

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  • How to make these simple curtains?

  • How To Make These Simple Curtains: #1. Measure from the top of your curtain rod to where you would like your curtains to end. (Unless you want to make a standard length which is 84 inches.) #2. Once you have your measurement add 5 inches to the length. (So if you are doing the standard 84 inches add for more inches to equal 89 inches.) #3.

  • Can You Make your own curtain panels for Windows?

  • Making your own curtain panels for your windows gives you the freedom to choose your own fabric patterns and colors. Homemade curtain panels can also provide custom window solutions for irregularly sized windows that won’t fit standard curtain sizes. They are quite easy to make and you don’t even have to know how to sew!

  • How do you fold a heavy curtain panel?

  • To start pressing, you檙e going to fold over 1/2?on both long sides of your curtain panel. Press both sides well. Next, you檒l fold those same sides over again, only this time, you檒l measure out an inch. Press well.

  • How do you put lining on a curtain panel?

  • Next, place it down on top of your curtain panel, right-side-up. Tuck the raw edges under the hems, and secure them with sewing pins. If you used sewing pens earlier, pull them out, and use them to hold the lining in place.

    how to make a simple curtain panel

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