how to make a shower curtain rod for clawfoot tub

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How to Install a Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain RodMeasuring the Space. Measure from the ceiling to the floor. …Determining Where to Mount It. The shower rod should be supported by 3 points. …Cutting the Clawfoot Tub Rod. Use the measurements you took to cut your clawfoot tub rod to size in order for the claw foot tub rod to …Hanging the Shower Rod. …Attaching the Shower Curtain. …

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  • How to choose the best shower curtain for a clawfoot tub?

  • Here how to go about choosing the best shower curtain for your bathroom: There are three pieces you should be looking for: a shower liner, a curtain and a curtain rod. Pay attention to the length of your rod, because it will need to perfectly enclose your clawfoot tub.

  • How to install a clawfoot shower rod?

  • While the other person is standing inside the clawfoot tub, ask them to hold the rod while you attach the brackets. Attach the brackets to the point anchors to provide support. Once you have installed the clawfoot shower rod, hang the curtains in order for them to envelope the whole clawfoot shower tub.

  • How to decorate a bathroom with a clawfoot tub?

  • It adds a soothing look to your bathing area. To make this area more eye-catching, you need to hang a shower curtain on the clawfoot tub. This shower curtain is necessary not only for a better look but also to make sure of your privacy.

  • How to attach curtains to a shower?

  • As the curtain hung freely with the rod, it is one of the essential materials to have. You have to attach it right on the top of the tub. Make sure that the rod is set up at the right height. Otherwise, it will affect your shower experience by creating an uncomfortable movement of curtains.

    how to make a shower curtain rod for clawfoot tub

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