how to make a pelmet for curtains

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One way to create a curtain pelmet is to useone continuous board fixed to the ceiling. This creates a modern look and feel to the room. It is painted the same color as the wall here and the curtain track sits behind.

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  • What is a curtain pelmet?

  • A curtain pelmet is a structured box that fits over the top of hanging curtains. It covers the rods and provides a finishing touch to window treatments. Pelmets are typically made from plywood or specialty adhesive board and covered with fabric that coordinates with the rest of the room. Pelmets may also be constructed using mouldings.

  • How do you Make A pelmet for a window?

  • Measure your window where you would like the pelmet to sit. You can generally 榚yeball?how wide, high and deep you wish the pelmet to be however you should make measurements to ensure it covers the track. Now it is time to begin cutting the foam core which will form the structure of your curtain pelmet.

  • What is a pelmet or valance?

  • A pelmet, or valance, is a wooden frame or fabric border that sits above a window and its curtains. Traditionally placed to decoratively hide the curtain track, they also help with blackout in the room and act as an extra layer of insulation in front of the window to reduce heat loss in your home.

  • Can A pelmet box be used as a window cover?

  • So still allowing in lots of light. A pelmet box can be added to even a very small window. Just like the bathroom window treatment above. It was just deep enough to look right and cover the curtain track.

    how to make a pelmet for curtains

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