how to make a curtain shorter

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Curtains may be made shorter bymaking these into quilted drapery and covering them with pleating tape. A curtain can also be turned into window scarves or simply lifting the hems and draping them over the rod. Turning the curtain into window scarves is a quick and creative way to deal with excessive length.

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  • How do you shorten curtains without cutting them?

  • When curtains appear too long, try sewing a hem, which can allow you to shorten curtains without cutting curtains to length so you can retain the fabric if you want to. Another way of shortening curtains is to incorporate a folded design with buttons as fasteners. Folding the curtain hem up creates a double hem.

  • How to make curtains step by step?

  • Steps 1 Plan the length. With your curtains hung in place, measure the required drop. … 2 Plan the hems. Take down the curtains and unpick the stitches that join the lining to the curtain, going sufficiently high to allow you to work on the two … 3 Remake the hem. … 4 Complete the curtains. …

  • How do you Hem curtains that are too long?

  • When curtains appear too long, try sewing a hem without cutting the fabric. Folding the curtain hem up creates a double hem. This double hem is pleasing for sheer curtains as the thicker hem hides the raw edge and often improves the hang.

  • Can you move a curtain rod to make it smaller?

  • You can move the curtain rod and give the appearance of shorter curtains and a larger window at the same time. If your curtains are 4 inches too long, raise the curtain rod 4 inches. This does require drilling new holes for the rod mounting hardware.

    how to make a curtain shorter

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