how to make a cupboard curtain

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  • How do you make a simple curtain for a kitchen cabinet?

  • A simple curtain is nothing more than a piece of fabric of your choice, cut several inches larger all around than the cabinet opening. Fold the top and bottom edges under to make seams, turning the top one into a pocket for a curtain rod. Hand-stitch the seams or use fusible webbing to permanently bond the flap to the back of the curtain fabric.

  • How to choose the perfect cupboard curtains for your home?

  • Fullness of the cupboard curtains can be decreased or increased according to taste. Creating the cupboard curtains and window curtains from the same fabric is a nice touch. Remember, if you have small children, you cannot childproof a curtain on a cupboard like you can a cupboard door.

  • How do you make curtains for a cupboard tension rod?

  • Hem, using a -inch seam allowance on all edges of the curtains. Cut in half lengthwise. Hem these two new raw edges. You now have two curtains for one cupboard tension rod. Fold the top (either end at this point) over 2 inches, and sew, forming a casing for the tension rod. Slip two curtains per cupboard onto the tension rod.

  • How do you hang a curtain panel over a cabinet?

  • Stick on hook -and-loop tape, one side stuck to the inside edge above a cabinet opening and the other onto the top of the fabric, creates a removable curtain panel. Grommets secured through the tops of fabric panels with a grommet tool allow the curtains to be hung quickly over hooks or nailheads hidden inside the cabinet above the cabinet opening.

    how to make a cupboard curtain

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