how to make a closet curtain

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  • How to organize a closet with curtains?

  • Remove unwanted clothes and organize the remaining clothes by season, color, or even size to give it an organized and clean look. Extend the curtain rod to the desired length to fit between the frame. Remember to make it slightly longer than you need so there is tension to support the rod and keep it from falling out.

  • How do I make a self-pleasing curtain?

  • Consider attaching some tabs to make a self-pleating curtain. Flip the curtain so that the back is facing you. Cut 3 inch (8. 89 centimeters) long strips of 2 inch (5. 08 centimeters) wide ribbon. Space the ribbons 4 inches (10. 16 centimeters) apart. Glue the top of each ribbon strip to the top of the curtain.

  • How do you make curtains without sewing them together?

  • The easiest way to make no-sew curtains is to use twin-sized bed sheets with a wide top hem so you can easily slide a curtain rod through it. Start by washing, drying, and ironing the sheets to get rid of any wrinkles and fold lines.

  • How do you hang curtains with ribbon?

  • Glue the top of each ribbon strip to the top of the curtain. Glue the bottom of each ribbon 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) from the top of the curtain, creating a bulge. Slide the panels onto the curtain rod. Choose a ribbon color that matches your curtain color. Hang your curtains. Take the curtain rod off the wall, and attach the curtains.

    how to make a closet curtain

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