how to make a canopy with curtain rods

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Slide the four curtain rods through the sleeves running rods through loops of cord.Two rod ends will run through each cord loop.Adjust your canopy so that it lies evenly across the rods,push the rod ends in so they pass through the loops an inch or so.Finials could be added to the ends of the rods if desired. There you have it!

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  • How to make a curtains canopy from curtains?

  • Make your own curtain canopy by installing ceiling curtain rods and hanging lightweight curtains from them. You can be creative as to where you place the curtain rods. For example, you can place two long rods side by side over the length of the bed.

  • How to make a DIY bed canopy?

  • How to Make a DIY Bed Canopy 1 Curtain rods mounted to the ceiling. 2 Simple cup hooks with fabric tied to them with ribbon. 3 Hand towels rings. 4 Embroidery hoops gathered with fabric panels over the headboard.

  • How can I Make my Room look like a canopy?

  • Love the romantic vibe of this one! This is a really inexpensive way to add that canopy feel to room, without having to overwhelm the bed with fabric. This would be so pretty over a crib as well, but make sure it out of little hands reach! A curtain rod, sheer fabric and fairy lights are a sure fire recipe for a perfect DIY bed canopy!

  • How do you make a canopy out of fabric?

  • This canopy was made by attaching curtain rods to the ceiling, then just hanging curtain panels?From ?Lonny Magazine ? ?Country Living ?created this canopy with a round embroidery hoop! Staple shirred fabric to a wood furring strip, fold over once to hide the wood, then nail or screw to the ceiling.

    how to make a canopy with curtain rods

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