how to make a boho beaded curtain

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  • How do you use Bohemian beads in curtains?

  • And they absolutely scream Bohemian, from the individual strands of bold-painted beads to the elaborate patterning. You can use these colorful curtains for window coverage, although the spacing between each strand of beads can let in light. Adding a solid-colored fabric underneath the beaded curtain can form a block.

  • How to give your home a boho vibe with Boho curtains?

  • You can give any space in your home a boho vibe with simple yet elegant beaded curtains hung in doorways, over windows, or as a privacy screen to separate an open layout. You can pick elegant ones in a Macrame design with off-white fabric strings and wood beads or as full beaded strands, which give you less privacy but a delightful sound.

  • How to string beads on a curtain?

  • If you are using colored string, consider using clear beads for a cool effect. Consider getting some 2-hole beads for the end of your curtain strands. You will one 2-hole bead for each strand. Start stringing your beads. Take your first bead, and thread it onto the fishing line.

  • How to make beaded curtains with fishing line?

  • To make beaded curtains, measure and cut fishing line so that it long enough to fold in half. Once cut, tie the line to a split ring. Then, start stringing your beads so each one goes through both strands of the finish lines. When you get to the last bead on the line, either use a 2-hole bead or a larger bead so that you can tie the ends off.

    how to make a boho beaded curtain

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