how to make a balloon curtain valance

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Ways to Makea DIY pleated balloon valance at your home Take a fabric Measurements Take the width of your window with your tape measure and multiply it by three so that when you cut it,you檒l get a full balloon appearance. To make a seam,always add two inches on both sides. Double the length of the valance you wish to hang.

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  • Are balloon valance curtains washable?

  • Solid color balloon valance curtain made in the USA. On the picture it’s white, but the manufacturer offers 7 colors to be chosen from. This curtain is machine washable, and it serves primarily as a nice window treatment.

  • How do you hang a balloon valance on curtains?

  • How do you hang balloon valance curtains? Be sure to give yourself lots of room (and time) to hang balloon valance window treatments. Start by placing them ring-side-up on the ground, and insert the split plastic rings into the fabric loops.

  • How do you make a curtain valance with a sewing machine?

  • To complete your valance, remove it from the sewing machine and trim away any excess threads. Hang the valance. Slide the valance onto your curtain rod by inserting the rod through the loop you created. Then, hang the curtain rod and fan out the valance. Make sure that the print side of the valance is facing you when you hang it.

  • What is a balloon valance window treatment?

  • Sheer ballon valance window treatments allow for a gauzy, vintage effect; solid window treatments match anything and are easy to repair if needed; and patterned balloon valances will stand out and add tons of personality to your room. How do you hang balloon valance curtains?

    how to make a balloon curtain valance

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