how to make a balloon curtain valance

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Ways to Make a DIY pleated balloon valance at your homeTake a fabric Measurements Take the width of your window with your tape measure and multiply it by threeso that when you cut it, you檒l get a full balloon appearance. To make a seam, always add two inches on both sides. Double the length of the valance you wish to hang.

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  • How do you make a balloon window valance?

  • Here’s how to create a balloon valance that will enhance your window treatment. Using your tape measure, obtain the width or your window and multiply this number by three, so once cut, you can produce a full balloon effect.

  • What is a balloon valance curtain?

  • A valance is ruched on sides and has fringes on a bottom edge. Attractive and comfortable cushions with blue accents. They are suitable for benches and sofas. These cushions provide comfort and they are able to decorate any interior design. Their natural looking patterns are very stylish. Solid color balloon valance curtain made in the USA.

  • How do you make a balloon curtain with 3 panels?

  • This extra width length fabric will help give the 渂alloon-ing?when the curtain is pulled up. Pin the three panels together, right sides together. Sew along 1/2?seam allowance. Press open the seams.

  • How do you raise the hem of a balloon curtain?

  • Long ribbons helps raise and lower the hems and also adds vertical interest with matching or contrasting colors to suit your decor. These washable balloon curtains offer a low-maintenance window treatment that brings you privacy and natural light. Press the fitted sheet with a pre-heated iron.

    how to make a balloon curtain valance

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