how to level curtain rod

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  • How do you level a curtain rod with a bracket?

  • Set the curtain rod in the bracket, tighten the other bracket loosely onto the other end of the rod using the setscrew in the bracket, and lift the rod and level it with a level while you move the bracket the required longitudinal distance from the frame using a tape measure to measure this distance.

  • How do you hang curtains with rods?

  • Screw the brackets to the casing or the wall, then fit the rod onto the brackets and use your level again to make sure the rod is straight. Then, hang your curtains and enjoy! For tips on what kind of rods to use with different types of curtains, keep reading!

  • How do you increase the length of an expanded curtain rod?

  • Consider the length of the rod when hanging the brackets. Though most curtain rods are adjustable, you don’t want the distance between the brackets to be so wide that the rod sags in the middle. In general, you shouldn’t increase the length of the expanded rod by more than 50 percent. Drill pilot holes to help start the screws.

  • How do you measure a window for curtain rods?

  • Find the center of the window. Measure the width and divide by two. Make a mark with the pencil along the level line. Count how many brackets are included with the curtain rod. As a general rule, there should be at least one bracket for each outside corner of the window, and one bracket in the center.

    how to level curtain rod

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