how to layer blackout curtains

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The best way to layer sheer and blackout curtains are byplacing the blackout curtains over the sheer curtains or by placing sheer curtains over the blackout curtains. The pole must be longer than the window by 10 inches and the height of the pole should be 8 ?12 inches above the window frame.

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  • How to choose sheer and blackout curtains for layering?

  • Before ordering sheer and blackout curtains for layering, you will need to plan the curtain length. The total length of the curtain is known as the ‘drop’. The drop is the length of the curtain from the curtain tracks at the top to the floor.

  • Can you close blackout drapes?

  • Or, you can close the blackout drapes to block light. The curtains featured here are Easy Classic Pleat Draperies in Athena Oceanus and Rod Pocket Top Draperies in Fairfield Dove. All you need to get this look is a Adjustable Drapery Rod with the Double Rod option and your curtains.

  • Can You layer sheer curtains with drapes?

  • When layering sheer curtains with heavier drapes, the lighter fabric can fall slightly shorter than the heavier fabric to maintain movement. For example, if your sheer curtains are measured to hover just above the floor, your blackout curtains might lightly touch the flooring.

  • What are the benefits of layered curtains?

  • The more layers of curtains, the better your windows would be insulated against outside temperatures. The modern layered look we’re showing you today is a single sheer panel with decorative blackout curtains on top. This combo gives your windows lots of added versatility.

    how to layer blackout curtains

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