how to keep shower curtain clean

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Wash in Cold WaterVinyl shower curtains can be cleaned in a washer by using a cold water setting and the gentle cycle. Always add some colorfast towels or t-shirts to the load to help prevent excessive wrinkling.

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  • How do you wash a shower curtain liner?

  • Throw the shower curtain and liner into the washing machine along with one or two clean, white towels. The towels prevent the curtains from wrinkling and help to clean and distribute the weight more evenly. Run the wash cycle on normal with warm water. Add laundry detergent plus baking soda.

  • How do you get gunk out of a shower curtain?

  • Baking soda is a great natural abrasive that helps remove built-up shower gunk. Sprinkle some baking soda onto a damp cloth. Scrub until clean. Rinse well with water. Remove shower curtain and/or liner carefully from shower rings. If the shower rings are grimy, remove them too. Fill the bathtub about half full of warm water.

  • Do shower curtains need to be cleaned?

  • Shower curtains perform both a functional role in the bathroom by keeping water in its proper place like a shower door and a decorative role by establishing a stylish aesthetic. But whether you choose a simple plastic curtain to curtail water or a layered, luxury look, the shower curtain is going to need to be cleaned.

  • How to clean shower curtain with baking soda?

  • Add baking soda to a dampened cloth. Get a clean microfiber cloth slightly damp. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the cloth so the cloth is coated in a light layer of baking soda. Scrub down the entire shower curtain. Use your cloth to scrub down the curtain. Give the curtain a light scrub at first, leaving set-in stains alone for now.

    how to keep shower curtain clean

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