how to keep curtains open

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  • How do you keep a curtain rod from moving?

  • Stick the other side of the dot to the inside of the rod pocket of the back side of the drape or the inside of the curtain ring. Put the dots together to prevent the drape from moving.

  • How do you fold drapes into a curtain rod?

  • Do this by sewing between the layers, taking a stitch on the wrong side of the curtain, then a stitch on the wrong side of the lining and continuing across the drapes. Hang the drapes inside out on the rod with the lining visible spread out across the window; arrange the drapes into folds.

  • How do you keep pleated drapes in place?

  • For stationary panels, you can add a specialty item to hold the folds in place from the back of the drape. Lightweight plastic sheets, typically about 24 inches long, have fingers that extend from the window side of the lining into the fold between the pleats.

  • How do you close the gap between curtain rings and Rod?

  • Variation: If you have a pretty pole style rod bracket, you can simply take the last curtain ring and place it over the bracket before putting the rod into the bracket. 1.2.3?easy. When the rod is placed back into the bracket it will curve around the rod and will close up the gap.

    how to keep curtains open

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