how to keep curtains from sliding on rod

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Tension rods

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  • How do you keep a curtain rod from moving?

  • Stick the other side of the dot to the inside of the rod pocket of the back side of the drape or the inside of the curtain ring. Put the dots together to prevent the drape from moving.

  • How do you measure a curtain rod to extend?

  • Measure the width of each side of the curtains after they have slid to their resting place. The difference between the two measurements is the amount to extend the curtain rod at each side; remove and reinstall the curtain rod holders to accommodate the extra inches and expand the rod as needed to fit.

  • Why do my drapes keep sliding?

  • You have opened the drapes to let the light in, but the center edge is creeping toward the middle of the rod. It seems as though the drapes are trying to close. This happens because the drapes are gathered into a smaller space than is actually required. Some observation and a few drapery-makers tricks will give you the tools to stop the sliding.

  • How do you keep drapes from sliding on the wall?

  • Install tie-back holders on the wall and use tie-backs to hold the drapes in the open position on drapes that must be operable. Position the tie-backs high on the drape to prevent sliding.

    how to keep curtains from sliding on rod

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