how to iron a curtain

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How to Iron Curtains in 6 Easy StepsIdentify the Fabric. Curtain manufacturers use a wide range of materials. …Clean the Curtain. The care label also gives instructions on how to clean the curtains. …Set Up Your Ironing board. Move your iron board to a flat surface close to where you want to hang your curtains. …Set Up the Iron. …Spray the Curtain. …Iron the Curtain. …

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  • Can I Iron a curtain on my ironing board?

  • It’s unlikely you’ll be able to iron your entire curtain on your board all at once. As you work farther down the curtain, you can adjust your curtain so that the already ironed top portion hangs off the end of your ironing board.

  • How to iron curtains without wrinkles?

  • Set up your ironing board. Much like you’ve laid your curtains out close to where you intend to hang them, you’ll also want your ironing board set up close to the hanging location. This will create less opportunity for wrinkles to form while transporting your curtains between the ironing and hanging location.

  • How do you iron on pleats to curtains?

  • For extreme wrinkles, spray the curtain fabric with water first, put your buffer fabric in place, and then iron. Iron pleats to make them more pronounced. Gather pleats together and iron them down in a way that follows the design of the fabric. This will make the accent of the pleat look crisper and more sharply defined.

  • How low should you hang a curtain to iron?

  • The remaining un-ironed part of your curtain should hang low enough for you to finish the ironing. If you have a low ironing board, it may be difficult to iron enough curtain to allow the un-ironed remainder to reach your board after hanging so you can finish ironing it.

    how to iron a curtain

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