how to install window curtains without drilling

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  • How to hang curtains without drilling into the wall?

  • Similar to stick on curtain rods, Command hooks are another answer to how to hang curtains without drilling into the wall. In fact, they even make some specifically for this purpose. All you need to do is hang a hook on either side of the window and pop a rod it, and you檙e done!

  • What can I use instead of a drill for curtain rods?

  • Command Hooks Command hooks are probably the easiest way to install curtain rods without a drill. They work on a variety of indoor surfaces, such as painted drywall, finished wood, tile, metal, glass, and more. This flexibility makes them a perfect window treatment idea.

  • How do you hang curtain rods on a window?

  • I managed to hang them wide by placing the brackets on the edge of the window and allowing the rod to stick out further, but you are stuck having to hang them directly on top of the window. If I had my way, these would be hung a few inches from the ceiling to elongate the room.

  • How to install curtains with the curtain wire?

  • These are the steps that you need to take to install your curtains with the curtain wire: Twist one of the eye hooks clockwise into the net wire until it is firmly fixed in place. Insert the drill bit into the drill while ensuring that only 7mm is outside.

    how to install window curtains without drilling

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