how to install two curtain rods

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Hold one double curtain rod mount up and make sure it is high enough so that the curtains will cover the top of the window. Higher than the top of the window by a few inches may look better,and block out more light. Using a pencil,mark the location of the bottom screw hole on the paper and set the double curtain rod mount down.

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  • How do you hang two curtains on one curtain rod?

  • Place the inside curtain (the one closest to the window) on the plain curtain rod. If the curtain is wrinkled, place the draperies in the drier on medium heat with a wet washcloth. Put the rod on the closest bracket to the window. Place the second curtain on the original (or decorative) curtain rod.

  • How to install drapery rods in your home?

  • Hang your curtains on the rod and test that the rods and brackets are secure by opening and closing the curtains. The drapes should hang naturally on their own. Now you檙e equipped with all the steps to install new drapery rods in your home.

  • What are double curtain rods?

  • Double curtain rods are used to give your windows a two-dimensional look; they allow you to combine two different colored curtains or fabric types. Two parallel rods, approximately 2-inches apart, are held in place by special mounting brackets.

  • How do you attach curtains to a window frame?

  • Repeat the process with the holes on the left side of the window frame. Attach the curtains to the rod that will be closest to the wall. If the two rods are of different thicknesses, typically the thinner rod goes closest to the wall and holds the lighter weight or shear curtains.

    how to install two curtain rods

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